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CDL Testing Requirements

Commercial Driver License Testing


Required Documentation

  • Valid Oregon driver license (unexpired).

  • Valid commercial learner permit issued at least 14 days prior to testing (unexpired).

  • Current vehicle registration

  • Current vehicle insurance (electronic copy acceptable)

  • Visit the Oregon DMV CDL page for complete details.

Fleet of Trucks

Vehicle Requirements

Passenger Car Testing Requirements

Non-Commercial Driver License Testing

Image by Inkredo Designer
Image by Peter Broomfield

Required Documentation

  • Valid instruction permit if under 18 years of age (unexpired).

  • Photo ID required for all applicants.

  • Current vehicle insurance and vehicle registration are required (electronic copies are acceptable).

Vehicle Requirements

​Your test will take approximately 20 minutes. Your vehicle must be in good working order for the test. 

• Headlights

• Brake lights

• Cracked Windshield

• Rearview mirror

• Turn signal lights

• Seatbelts

• Muffler

• Foot brake (or hand brake as needed)

• Horn

• Tires

• Valid license plates on front and back of vehicle.

The examiner will also check to see if the inside and outside door handle on the passenger’s door works and if a proper passenger seat is next to the driver. Headlights, tail lights, windshield wipers, and defroster also will be checked if weather or light conditions require them. Please turn off all audio systems, GPS devices and cell phones and remove objects from the dashboard and the rearview mirror. The examiner will ask you to start your vehicle. If the vehicle won’t start (no jump starting and pushing of the vehicle) or is deficient in any of the above area's the test must be rescheduled.

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